Das war überfällig: Greenpeace International hat einen neuen Blog gestartet: Nuclear Reaction – Blogging the meltdown of the nuclear industry.

„our mission is to record the meltdown of that most over-rated, over-subsidised and over-confident of industries, the nuclear industry.“

Glückwunsch, Greenpeace. Ich habe hier eher als „sideshow“ immer mal wieder über den nuklearen Irrweg gebloggt und kam doch kaum nach mit all dem Material, das sich anbot.

Meine Empfehlung: abonnieren! (RSS-feed).

A propos „meltdown of the nucear industry“. Counterpunch berichtet aus den USA folgendes:

A devastating blow to the much-hyped revival of atomic power has been delivered by an unlikely source—the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. The NRC says the „standardized“ designs on which the entire premise of returning nuclear power to center stage is based have massive holes in them, and may not be ready for approval for years to come.

Delivered by one of America’s most notoriously docile agencies, the NRC’s warning essentially says: that all cost estimates for new nuclear reactors—and all licensing and construction schedules—are completely up for grabs, and have no reliable basis in fact. Thus any comparisons between future atomic reactors and renewable technologies are moot at best. And any „hard number“ basis for independent financing for future nukes may not be available for years to come, if ever.