Was kostet Atomenergie?

There are only two honest answers to the question of how much it costs to build a nuclear power station. These are „I don’t know“ and „I’ll tell you when I’ve built it.“

Tom Burke, Umweltberater von Rio Tinto. Lesenswerter Artikel.

Nuclear Reaction findet übrigens, dass diese Antwort auch für die Frage nach den Konstruktionszeiten von Atomanlagen gilt.

A builder who says from the outset just when a reactor will be online is being either recklessly optimistic or a liar. Which would you prefer?

Ask Areva how long it’s going to take to complete Finland’s Olkiluoto 3 reactor. Originally it was 2009. Now it’s 2012 at the earliest. Would you like to bet money on that? Or what about the reactor Areva are building at Flamanville in France? In August this year we reported that, after nine months of construction, the project is nine months behind schedule.

Neun Monate nach Baustart bereits neun Monate Verzögerung – nicht schlecht. Weiter so, Areva…

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