Upcoming activities: after Barcelona = before Copenhagen

Whether is will be possible to get a legally binding treaty in Copenhagen is much debated. But from the perspective of the most vulnerable countries, delay is no option. In order to alert to the seriousness of the situation, the government of the Maldives even convened underwater. This spectacular stunt is now beeing followed by the first gathering of the „Climate Vulnerable Forum“, which takes place in Bandos Island Resort, Republic of Maldives on Monday and Tuesday. The Forum is a high level gathering of Heads of States and Government of the most vulnerable countries with the aim of drawing attention to their specific challenges and needs in the face of global climate change. Saleemul Huq, senior scientist at the International Institute for Environment und Development (IIED) in London, is speaking during the event. We met him in Barcelona:

Bangladesh, Nepal, Ethiopia, Kenya, Vietnam, Kiribati, Rwanda, Ghana, Barbados, Bhutan, Tanzania are partaking in this summit. Prominent experts and well-known personalities in the global climate change debates are also attending, while a number of other countries have been invited as Observers to the Forum. The intention is building momentum and getting ready for the final rush in Copenhagen. The main obstacle for a treaty to be signed is a huge financing gap as well on the mitigation as on the adaptation side.

But also IF Copenhagen is going to be successful, this only will be the beginning. The world has to change in many ways in order to meet the new necessities. It is us who can make the difference!