EU: 80 % bis 2030!

Einen ungewöhnlichen Weihnachtsgruß erhielt EU Kommissionspräsident Barroso vor einer Woche von Kevin Anderson (Professor of Energy and Climate Change, Deputy Director of the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research): In dem Brief legt Anderson dar, warum das anvisierte Emissonreduktionsziel von 30 % bis 2030 überhaupt nicht kompatibel mit dem 2°C Ziel ist, und fordert 80% bis 2030:

According to the IPCC’s taxonomy of probabilities, both the language of international agreements and your statements as Commission President relate to a high probability of not exceeding 2°C: quantitatively between 1 and 10%. In stark contrast, the analysis informing much of the debate on the EU 2030 targets is premised on a 50% to 70% chance of exceeding 2°C. This misrepresentation of probabilities has dramatic consequences for the necessary scale of mitigation. For example, a 60% chance of exceeding 2°C has a carbon budget twice as large as that for a 10% chance. […] The EU must acknowledge this reality if it is ever to catalyse meaningful action on climate. This demands the courage to pursue an equitable and science-based 2030 decarbonisation target of around 80%. Anything less and the EU will renege on its 2°C commitments and, as the Commission rightly notes, bequeath to future generations a legacy of “devastating impacts”.

Kevin Anderson und das Tyndall Centre haben übrigens vor Kurzem mit der Radical Emissions Reductions Conference für Aufsehen gesorgt.  Besonders sehenswert: die Video-Keynote von Naomi Klein.