Break Free 2016 – was bisher geschah

Die ersten 6 Tage der globalen Break Free Kampagne, die am 4. Mai begann und am Wochenende mit Ende Gelände in der Lausitz einen weiteren Höhepunkt erreichen wird…

It started in Wales, where over 300 people shut down the UK’s largest open-cast coal mine for a day.

Hours later, 10,000 people from all over the Philippines gathered in Batangas City to demand an end to coal.

In New Zealand hundreds of people held one of the country’s largest banks, ANZ, accountable for their role in funding and profiting from climate change.

In Australia hundreds of people shut down the world’s largest coal port using kayaks, canoes and homemade rafts.

All this, and it’s not over yet. There are many more powerful actions planned between now and May 15…

Wer nicht die Grube stürmen will, sondern lieber auf die Demo, kann am Samstag nach Welzow kommen!