Neu: Interaktive Weltkarte zu Geoengineering-Experimenten

Beim Thema Geoengineering handelt es sich zwar größtenteils um imaginäre und noch nicht entwickelte (und dabei höchst riskante und gefährliche) Technologien. Dass es aber bereits zahlreiche Geoengineering-Projekte und Experimente gab und gibt sowie weitere geplant sind, zeigt unsere interaktive Geoengineering-Weltkarte, die wir heute gemeinsam mit der ETC Group launchen:

This interactive geoengineering map, prepared by ETC Group and the Heinrich Böll Foundation, is an attempt to shed light on the worldwide state of geoengineering by showing the scope of research and experimentation. There is no complete record of weather and climate control projects so this map is necessarily partial. It builds on an earlier map of Earth Systems Experimentation published in 2012. That original map documented almost 300 projects and experiments related to the field of geoengineering. Five years later over 800 such projects can be identified. These include projects in Carbon Capture, Solar Radiation Management, Weather Modification and other approaches.

For more information and background on geoengineering and its ecological, economic, social and justice implications see